A Phoenix Rises - Day 0

Well, yesterday I published the website and two social media profile pages. I was so tickled with myself and sent the link to family members, friends, acquaintances, former work mates... It could have gone worse. I'm unsure how far anyone actually read into my content. One of my dear friends and former colleague texted with a couple of connections he is working on for me (SO appreciated!), another let me know they liked the content but need to look at it on a large screen instead of phone. Many sent "congratulations on new role" notes. I know my mother read the byline. (This is priceless) "I had to look up what agnostic meant. I thought it only applied to one who is not convinced there is a God or not. Had no idea it could apply to computing. I think a picture of a "Phoenix" bird rising would be more professional looking. But what do I know? I hope you get some work soon." When I showed my daughter (and manager member of our LLC adventure here), we both had a great laugh. I realize you need background to fully appreciate this and why I did not feel crushed or insulted. I promise, dear reader, that one day I will write the story of my fabled mother - probably in form of the Queens of Resilience blog/stories. For now, I will say that my mother was valedictorian of a very small rural South high school. She is a Christian and she is very intelligent, although she never attended college. She worked hard all of her life. And life threw her some curve balls back to back. She is not someone I would call optimistic or even hopeful. She is a realist. She has taken to calling me if she doesn't hear from me every 4th day. She is worried. And every phone call includes the questions of : Have I found income, Am I ok, and Do I need money... Bless her. I appreciate that and know her motivation is love, even though she sounds mad at me half the time. I swear it felt like half of my family members went into mourning when I was downsized six months ago. You would question who died or who actually lost a job. It's funny, but not. I have a complicated family dynamic, where co-dependency runs rampant. They aren't sure how to handle a free-agent and unbridled spirit such as myself, now that I do not have to answer to a corporation and actually have time for myself! (GASP) And they do not remember the Diana from years ago that had NO money, NO prospects, NO assets and still managed to rise. Oh, I can eat Ramen every day folks and be cheap. I don't like it, but I can survive. The thing is..... I don't want to just survive. I am ready to soar. Thus, the name of MY company: Rising Phoenix Resiliency Group. I can combine my passions and provide myself an income. I love organization, research, project management, technology and B PLANS!!! Lists in Excel are my jam! Color-coded thank you very much! Today has included research and more applications for designations and certifications from the SBA and Florida, a list of more to do's to get my company listed where it needs to be (Woman Owned Small Business, Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business) to begin to be awarded small but consistent contracts to provide services to my community and peers at large. It all begins with a DUNS number..... If you are thinking of starting a small business or have a small business and want to follow along the steps (or learn from my mis-steps), follow my page! Hint #1: I should have applied for the DUNS number weeks ago when I first got my EIN from the IRS.

We got our official first batch of business cards too! All in all, it's been a good day. Now, on to the next task!

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