A Phoenix Rises: Day +1

Certainly has been another busy day in the ole' home office. We started the day early - before the alarm. I'm trying to determine if this is because I am inspired and enthusiastic or if this is because ..... I am still terrified that I have made a terrible mistake.

Today was full of small aggravating challenges. It IS a FULL Moon tonight, so, not totally unexpected. 8:00 AM: Scene: I am looking at the coffee pot and how there are ground everywhere inside and out. Coffee pot is definitely on last leg. Note to self: Get new coffee pot. Husband enters. "Oh yeah, coffee pot is done. I'll get us a new one! Hey, lets drive to the Cape and watch the launch!" "What time is launch?", says I. "It's at 9:15 - we can make it if we leave now."

Folks, have I mentioned what coffee means to me in the morning? Secondly, what happened to the person I married who likes to tinker and see if he can fix things? I am honestly asking. ANYONE? BUELLER, BUELLER?

As you can tell, this morning may have not gone as planned. Challenge Two: Bills that are due. Depressing, as usual. It was morning of moving funds around and paying the essentials.

>Pause< (Imagine a cheery, bright voice, several octaves higher with a sing song quality) If there is any task or project I can offer my services to help you with, please, contact me! Here at Rising Phoenix Resiliency, no task is too small and no project is too large! We are at your service and available to meet your needs... call us today!<Back to story>

Today's tasks included follow ups with potential clients, connecting various services to the business and taking steps to be able to offer more services to the public at large. Unnauh (I made up this word - can't you hear it? Its that sound that mothers make when you take a wrong step), Nope: we will announce once those services are official. No sneak peeks here. Well, maybe a few from time to time, but not on this one. Laws would be broken and I do not look good in orange. I rounded out the afternoon with errands and ...starving. I missed lunch, folks. Those who know me personally, know that this does not bode well for the general population in my vicinity. Before I go, I do want to entice you to tune into tomorrow's segment.

I was asked two great questions today over email and I want to broach those with you tomorrow, along with offering a tribute to an iconic woman. Question 1: What is going to be my focus? Question 2: Why couldn't I find you on Google? Iconic woman: Helen Reddy.

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