A Phoenix Rises- Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

It has been just over two months from when we launched Rising Phoenix Resiliency. It has been challenging and exhilarating simultaneous. Already, we are able to sharpen our focus on services that bring value to our clients and community.

We believe in "B Plans". Life is full of unexpected happenings, even before 2020. Being prepared for every eventuality is important to moving forward with confidence and peace of mind. Today, I see more fear in people, and companies alike, than ever before. I believe passionately that having alternative solutions in mind helps calm fear and increases confidence. Resiliency is learned and reinforced by experience.

In line with that thought, it is with great pleasure that we spotlight our Girl Friday Events service offering today! We are able to assist in planning your event and executing all of the coordination needed to make your live or virtual event perfect - Whether you need a lot of help, or just a little!

I am beyond excited about our Virtual with a Touch of Real Package Option! All options are customized to deliver a flawless, interactive, yet safe experience for all attendees! Regardless of the event type, we are ready to help: Business and Employee Events, Weddings, Funerals, Family Reunions, Professional Groups, Social Gatherings

Say it's little Johnny's 5th birthday party. Grandma and Grandpa are in a state that is under stay at home orders or have been sick. Let us help you include them in the celebration by having delivered a event participant pack to them (example: party hat, cake) and have that interactive session where they can watch him open his special new toy from them- while you are enjoying watching too. We will record and print pictures of all participants for you to keep.

Even if you have your event all planned out and only want to stream your event - we can help with that. We offer several options from streaming to full interactive with all attendees.

As a Mobile Notary Public, we provide standard and tailored officiant services for weddings. For other Notary services, we are certified as a Remote Online Notary, as well as the old fashioned sign/stamp/seal method.

Last, but not least, we love partnerships. Working together is how we help our community grow and move forward. We are growing this segment of our business. If you are interested in forming a marketing affiliation or another type of partnership with us, please reach out. Small businesses have to stick together!

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