Celebrating Small Business Saturday... In a Meaningful Way

I have been talking to small business owners in Volusia County over the past few weeks and I hear the same sentiments that I have. We are wanting to support each other and we are torn between that desire and the harsh reality that we don't know if we will have a business in a year. Times are super tough for companies of all sizes. We have had four contracts fizzle out at the last minute in the past six weeks. So as I saw posts on our Volusia County Facebook Group, my mind wandered to how I can help my community. I can't purchase from every single one of them - my budget doesn't allow for that. I do have time though. Many are telling me that instead of hiring a helper or assistant, they are doing it themselves or it isn't getting done until it has to. I get it. The Project Manager in me shrieks inside; the Risk Manager in me is close to a head explosion, but the #womansmallbusinessowner ME understands and KNOWS what they are saying. It is all about priorities.

With all of that in mind, I made an offer in this Facebook group last night and three small business owners have taken me up on my offer so far this morning.

My offer is this: I will come visit your small business and do a Facebook Live stream spotlight on your company's products or services. For between 5 and 15 minutes we will talk about you, your company, your discounts, specials and how to shop / purchase from you. Included in this is preparation template and a practice video session before we go live on FB. (Preparation & Practice are steps 1 & 2 of so many things! See my prior blog that includes this advice: )

In advance, we will post on our FB, LinkedIn and Instagram approximate times of FB Live stream of your business. After, we will post a summary. We will list your company's website or FB page in a summarized post of all participants that will be shared on Volusia Small Business Page and Ours.

In the meantime, let's connect. Let's raise all our company's visibility. We are actively looking for partnerships and affiliates in other small businesses.... because we MUST #standtogether to survive and move forward.

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