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Even before the craziness of 2020, our culture had changed over the years to where our interactions are less personal, and more internet driven. It is why our Facebook pages and Google Ads show things we have looked up or have been talking about (turn those mic’s off when not using…). We have seen the evolution of, Angie’s List and Yelp- to name just two, online referral services.

Digital marketing has to be used as a primary tool for growth for companies – large and small. The adage of “any publicity is good publicity” seems to rule. “Five-star ratings” seem to apply to every service imagined now. Hashtags and specific descriptive words are critical to an organization being found in the sea of information. It can be overwhelming for any sized business and for the searcher. Promotion and referrals are the way of the future. A retailer simply will not grow without an online presence. Helping small businesses establish and strengthen their internet power is only one of the many services Rising Phoenix Resiliency provides.

For small business owners, the challenges of this year have brought online visibility to the forefront. In November, we recognized the struggle and wanted to support as many small businesses as we could. Short of spending large sums at every small business, what could I do? Thus, we offered Small Business Spotlights, free of charge, to small businesses in Volusia county. Each session was unique, not only in the services and products offered, but also showed a diversity of styles, background and personalities of our small business community.

We are looking forward to 2021 and the opportunities the new year brings! In line with that thought, I am pleased to present to you a new “Word of Mouth” page on our website.

Today’s post highlights one of the small businesses we visited at the end of 2020 and supplement’s the video’s that have been posted.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, like and share!


First Up we have a truly unique store where the owner values other small businesses and artists.

Mysterious Expressions:

Karen Paradise has an amazing in-store inventory. From collectibles and books to metaphysic items, she has just the right thing for yourself or a gift. She also is a staunch supporter of fellow local artists and small businesses. She has an entire section of her store dedicated to paintings, walking canes and other handmade items from local artisans. And for those who provide services, she has a wall of business cards for shoppers to connect with services needed.

Currently, online offerings are occasional listing of specialty items on Facebook Marketplace. Stay tuned in 2021, though, because this could change! Karen is passionate about her collection and has a deep knowledge of the items in her inventory.

Biggest sellers of 2020: Incense, Sage, Crystals to help reduce EMF interference. Link to Small Business Spotlight:



Location: Nova and Reed Canal, South Daytona

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